Breakthrough on your Personal Growth Journey

No matter where you are on Your Personal Growth Journey, if You are ready for breakthroughs and to dive deep inside for discovery, then Living Whole on Purpose is for you.

Living Whole on Purpose

Three Ways to Start Living Whole on Purpose

From the Broken Mind to Living Whole on Purpose

8 week online timed course. See below for a breakdown of what is included.

Living Whole on Purpose 5 Part Series

Video presentation and hypnosis audios designed to be listened to in sequential order each for 2 weeks to Unwind the Broken Mind Traps

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Living Whole on Purpose Hypnosis Audios

5 hypnosis audios that by listening to them once everyday for 2 weeks in sequential order, create new pathways of being by Unwinding the Broken Mind Traps.

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Course Outline

This Online Life Course of Breakthroughs  is ready for You!

During your Living Whole on Purpose 8-week timed Life Course, each week You will participate in Life Guided videos, group Zoom meetings, hypnosis audios, and accountability calls. Technical and Practitioner support will be there for you throughout the Life Course. 

Life Guided Videos

Watch the Life Guided videos by Our Practioner, Tracy A Martin DHP Acc. Hyp. and complete and submit the Life Work.

Hypnosis Audios

Listen to the daily hypnosis audios created by Our Practitioner provided in each week.

Technical Support

Recieve support with any technical issues you may experience throughout the course.

Group Zoom Meetings

Join weekly group meetings with Our Practioner & participants for tips to help through the Life Course.

Accountability Call

Participate in a 30 min. weekly video/audio call with your Personal Accountability Coach.

Practitioner Support

Our Practioner is available to support you regarding anything within the Life Course.

8 Weeks. Timed. On Purpose.

The reason many fall away from completing anything they delve into is because they only listen to the philosophy instead of becoming the action of making it their Knowledge.  Become the responsible action of discovering all that you are guided to do each week.

Ready to Watch the Presentation?

Watch the Free Life Presentation that will help you help yourself. After the Life Presentation you are able to book a call with Our Breakthrough Call Coaches. Or If You are motivated Now You can book the call NOW!