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I would like to start by saying that this is not an 8-week course; but an 8-week life changing journey. It was a beautiful, raw, and real journey of hard work to get me back to where I was meant to be, back to being and loving ME! I am so happy that I invested in this course which in turn meant investing in myself. I am a whole new person and I have a whole new beautiful perspective on life. My husband and kids noticed a difference in me as well. I wake up each day and cannot believe how much better I feel about myself and about the new life that I am creating each day. I definitely do not want to go back to being the person I was before; and will continue to live my life filled with so much love thanks to the Living Whole On Purpose Course because it feels amazing!

This 8-week personal development course is the best thing I have EVER done for ME. I am literally a completely different person and it has positively affected my life and the ones closest to me forever in so many ways – and most likely saved it! This course has so many great tools and with the help from professional coaches, I never once felt alone. The immediate breakthroughs I was having every week really helped me get out of my own way and stay focused. My mental clarity, new confidence and love for myself are just a couple things I have gained. I will definitely recommend Tracy and her team to EVERYONE because this course is a life changer. Be the best you possible and make the change. Much Love

This 8 weeks has flown by! The audio’s helped me instantly fall asleep each night. Truly loved listening to them every night. This has changed me, not like wow who is that or who am I, but like wow I’m great! I don’t feel the negative self bullying that i have heard in my head since I was young. Not that l never ever hear those old thoughts cause I might have a moment or two to think of those thoughts but with stepping back breathing and remembering to feel, observe and let it go. I learned to take no thing personally to not pass judgement … could you imagine driving to work and traffic that used to seriously anger you has almost vanished … to the point you are think grrr that guy just cut my off ….deep breath and my thoughts switch to…. I bet he must have a lot on his mind or must have not noticed my car …. I’ve had triggers … people or things close to me that can send me over the edge …. snap crackle and pop …. they still can get under my skin but since putting the wirk into this course…. I can realize that shooting love to them this helps me and subliminal screaming love and respect to them…. wow never thought I’d be that girl. The upset, sadness and betrayal that used hold me down has left. I forgive the past all that it was. It doesn’t hold me back. I used to often feel pulled back there to times that were not always perfect. But remembering they helped me get to the place I’m in. The place where I live my story with truth honesty and love. Oh and Extreme gratitude to Tracy fir creating and putting this course available💕much love and respect! I am going to live my life whole and with purpose!

I would like to encourage anyone who feels like they’re stuck in repetitive cycles in life that feel heavy and painful to please consider learning more about this course. I am so grateful that I learned about it, and that I was offered to take the course. I have tried “it all” and have never in my life felt more supported, genuinely cared for and guided to do the inside work necessary for growth, personal development and most importantly in the discovery of self love. This course is unique and cannot be compared to anything. As a result of this course and a sincere intention to invest in myself, I have had tremendous breakthroughs – some small and some very profound. As I carry on in life after graduation – I remain in lasting growth. Life is easy now. My personal breakthroughs happened throughout the course and continue to happen daily. I cannot express enough how well the course flowed, how miraculously my life has changed. Even though I am a traditional learner, the online course was simple! I thrived consuming the videos, the hypnotherapy audios were highly effective, I had the most wonderful personal accountability coaching. My life has forever been expanded. I have released all that held me back. I’ve acquired a new way a feeling and being that feels incredibly great. This program has completely changed my life. I am whole now.

I have just completed this amazing course and am so grateful I took this opportunity to grow and expand through all that this course will guide you through. I am so much calmer, and one of my biggest takeaways is​ Trust, ​trust of self. This course has shown me how amazing we all are. It shows you the window to yourself, you just need to be accountable and look within, be honest and love yourself through each moment. The weekly audios are amazing and are an important part to this course, as are the weekly support calls you will have with your accountability coach who is there to support you and love you through these 8 weeks. I am truly grateful to my accountability coach, and all she helped me with, she was attentive and supportive throughout the weeks. The Q&A on Thursdays were another important tool to use throughout my 8 weeks, it was great to be able to ask any questions that I had but to have that direct support from Tracy. It was also great to see the other participants and see that we usually had similar questions. All I can say is if you are thinking of taking this course, ​ Do it! ​ You will not regret it, and what you come away with is so worth this investment in yourself. Take that step, you are amazing and so worth it!! With Love

I was skeptical but hopeful about the program. I’ve tried many other courses and have never seen lasting changes. The difference for me was the coaching and the support for the entire 8 weeks. I did the work and can honestly say that this course has been life changing!!!! So grateful for Tracy and her team 💜

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